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A reputable Michigan DUI attorney can make a world of difference when defending against a DUI conviction. Getting arrested for a DUI or any drinking and driving offense in Michigan is serious business. The stakes are raised even higher if you are arrested in a zero-tolerance jurisdiction such as the 48th District Court in Bloomfield, which covers West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake Village, and Sylvan Lake. A DUI in the 48th District Court could land you in jail. 

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Speak with an Attorney About Your Legal Options 

If you have been arrested or charged for a DUI, we would be glad to meet with you. We will go over your options and answer any questions you may have during our initial consultation.

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Michigan DUI Defense Attorneys

At Hermiz Law, we take on each DUI case with the assumption that we’re taking it to trial. When a client retains us, we immediately begin to conduct a thorough investigation of the charge. Our investigation includes looking into the following:

  • The traffic stop
  • Potential Constitutional violations
  • Proper police conduct
  • The evidence gathered

It is extremely important to retain a DUI attorney as soon as possible following your DUI arrest. 

Defend Against a DUI Conviction in Michigan

When charged with a DUI or other related intoxication offense, the defendant is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Our attorneys are experienced and well versed in challenging the prosecutors’ offered evidence: 

  • The BAC Reading
  • Breath and Blood Tests
  • Finding Errors the Breath and Blood Test
  • Field Sobriety Test
  • Refusals of Breath Test

License Restoration in Michigan

According to the Michigan statute, a suspected intoxicated driver that refuses a BAC test by the police is subject to an automatic driver’s license suspension. The suspension typically lasts for one year. Our license restoration attorney is experienced and has been successful in the modification and or removal of such restrictions. 

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