“Madana was absolutely fantastic with my divorce case. Divorce is never easy and comes with lots of questions. She took the time to answer all my questions and concerns and walk me through what to expect from start to finish. Some answers is cases are ones you do not necessarily want to hear, but her in depth answers outline why something may not work out the way you want, but have your best interest in hand. She is very quick to respond to questions/concerns via email, and help my hand through my divorce. I strongly recommend Madana if you are considering or going through a divorce. She took care of me and I know she will do the same for you!”

- Jonathon

“Highly knowledgeable and empathic. First off, Madana assisted me with understanding the laws of divorce in Michigan. When I was in a state of panic while meeting with her, she demonstrated her people skills by reflecting the truth about my situation, helping me to calm myself. As a fellow professional, I must say that I would have thought she was a peer in my social work profession!!! Secondly, her easy going and non-judgmental manner, truomeantbthe world to me. Just as I believe the importance to ensure we’re a good fit with a counselor / psychotherapist, it’s as important to search for the right attorney. I encourage people to consult with attorney before you retain one. It may take meeting with multiple ones! And by doing so, it aids in finding a lawyer thatbyou just click with. Consequently, this is how I found Madana. The qualities I so needed in an attorney, were found with Madana. She is so knowledgeable in her field, practices not with her ego, but with her heart and her knowledge. Thank you so so much Madana, for ALL you’ve done for me. Your quick responsiveness to my questions helped me keep myself on track to stay in my logical mind. I won’t hesitate to refer others to you who need a family law attorney. Which leads me to my last point. As a therapist, I don’t claim to know all areas of treatment modalities and will refer others out to someone who specializes in an area of their need. When I was searching for an attorney, I knew the importance of finding a FAMILY LAW attorney. And I would encourage others to do the same. That IS their specialty. Madana has surpassed her expertise in family law. She’s a wonderful wonderful person!!!! Thank you Madana!!!!! Again, despite this being one of the MOST challenging life events for me (divorce), you showed me the human side of yourself, as opposed to the ego side of self!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!”

- Anonymous

“Excellent Divorce Lawyer!! I am very much impressed on how she handled my case. She made it look very simple and walked me through it with ease. I am very much pleased to say that my case was closed in decent time like in 4months from Nov to March 2015 (much quicker than I ever thought). She did a very good job of keeping me posted with the updates time and then. I heard form my friends that lawyers wouldn’t refund the money back once it is deposited. But she refunded me even though it’s very little. I would still appreciate her for doing that. I highly recommend her for divorce process. Thank you Madana for handling my case.”

- Lakshmi

“Proud to have formed an allegiance with such strong representation. From the initial interview, throughout a complicated legal process, am more than impressed with her and her trustworthy, competent team. Will continue to ‘rave’ about the professional and courteous demeanor, of her and her staff.”

- Patrick 

“Can’t say enough good things. I met with Madana after reading so many great reviews, which is why I’m taking the time to write one now. I know first hand how important it is that the person you choose to guide you through one of the most anxiety-ridden times of your life is someone that is smart, professional, honest and that you trust will have your best interests at heart. After being married for 27 years and building a life together with someone, taking it apart was difficult but I felt so reassured having Madana there. We discussed pros and cons of every step we made and she helped explain everything to the point where I actually understood the law and what I was entitled to and what the risks were. I had friends who had gone through divorces and I remembered hearing their struggles with their attorneys and I honestly never felt that with Madana. She answered my calls and emails promptly and addressed my concerns right away. The best thing about her was that she was very straightforward and knowledgeable- she didn’t sugar coat things just to make me feel better. She told me the truth and told me how things were from a rational stand point. She kept me grounded and focused on the important things.”

- Anonymous