When we embarked on Hermiz Law, our goal was to create a client-centric firm: an approach to delivering legal services that focuses on the client. We started from scratch and built this firm with the client in mind. Everything we do stems from that focus.

Client Focused

Without you, there is no us. That is why we built Hermiz Law on the founding principle that the client is at the center of our attention. Our clients are the only reason we exist and we use every means at our disposal to keep our clients satisfied.

Our relationship with clients resembles a successful partnership; we work together in an environment built on respect, trust, and faith with open lines of communication and a free flow of ideas. From the moment we agree to represent our clients until the point we close the case, every step is formulated with you, the client, in mind. Our mission is to deliver an experience that you will not find anywhere else.

Great People

A law firm is only as good as the people it employs; excellent people deliver excellent results. Those at Hermiz Law are passionate about delivering quality service, outstanding legal representation and achieving client satisfaction. At Hermiz Law, everyone – from the support staff to the representing attorney – is committed to this standard. We handpick our people to ensure you will like them as much as we like them.


People are our business. Everything we do relies on their cooperation. We know that you reap what you sow, and therefore are committed to creating the kind of environment that is conducive to excellent results. At Hermiz Law, we work together in a culture of mutual respect where we allow individuality to shine through and flourish. Instead of asking our people to conform to one look or idea, we embrace diversity, because those differences will mean excellence over mediocrity.

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