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Are you searching for a business attorney in Michigan? A great business attorney in Michigan is hard to come across. At Hermiz Law, your business is our business and your problems are our problems. We understand how much your business means to you and how important it is to assure your business’ legal matters are handled with the highest level of care. Located in Troy, Michigan, our skilled business attorneys can assist you with all of your business legal needs.

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Our Approach | Serving Michigan’s Business Community

Not all business lawyers are created equal; we’re cut from a different fabric. All too frequently, many business attorneys are concerned with handling issues as they crop up. Our approach is to make sure they don’t crop up.

Our relationship with you and your business extends further than one based on legal issues; we are your partner, your consultant, your manager, your economist, and your best friend.

Business Issues | Michigan Business Lawyers

Hermiz Law offers an array of legal services tailored to your business. The following is a list of business matters we handle:

  • Business Litigation
  • Small Business Matters
  • Corporate Formation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Matters
  • Contracts
  • Licensing

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If you are faced with a business legal issue and would like to learn more about your options, we would be glad to meet with you. We will go over your options and answer any questions you may have during your  consultation.

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