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When parents are considering or even proceeding with a divorce, the most common hot-button issue is child custody. Generally speaking, both parties often truly believe that the child or children would be better off with them rather than their spouse, and whether the issue revolves around what’s best for the parent or what’s best for the children, both parties tend to dig in and do whatever it takes to gain the custody they feel entitled to, regardless of their spouse’s wishes. In short, custody issues are generally the most oft-disputed issues in a divorce.

If you are considering divorce in Michigan, and are struggling with child custody issues, let a Troy child custody lawyer at Hermiz Law help. We understand how important your children are to you, and we’ll fight for your custody rights.

Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody

Typically, custody is considered in terms of “legal” custody and “physical” custody. Legal custody is the right to make important decisions regarding your children; for example, their religious upbringing, what school they attend, and the right to make critical medical decisions. Physical custody, on the other hand, speaks to the children’s living arrangements.

Custody can be either “sole” or “joint.” Sole custody allows one parent to have complete custody, while joint custody allows the parents to share custody. If parents have joint legal custody, they must make the important decisions together. If parents have joint physical custody, the children’s time with each parent is split into various configurations, such as “every other weekend plus three months in summer” for a particular parent.

About Visitation Rights in Michigan

A time schedule, like the example above, determines when and how long the children spend time with each parent. When a judge orders “reasonable” parenting time, parents are left to work out the specific dates, times, and other details, such as who picks up or delivers the children, on their own. The age of the children, how far apart the parents live, and both parents’ work schedules all factor into these decisions.

If a judge orders a specific schedule, all the minutiae and the details are included in the court order. A very detailed and specific schedule generally works best if the two parents don’t get along or can’t agree on a mutually satisfactory schedule.

If one parent is found to be irresponsible or has exposed the children to danger or harm, the judge may order supervised parenting time to be overseen by a third party. The third party may be a friend, a relative, or another person the judge finds trustworthy and responsible.

It’s best for both of the parents and the children if the parents can maintain civility and work out the details on their own. Unfortunately, this is often impossible or at least impractical, and the fault for the hostility of the parents toward each other is not always both parties’ fault.

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